Continue Your Mindfulness Journey 
Learn, Grow, Go Deeper
4 Tuesdays 22 Jan- 12 Feb 7.30-8.45pm
Kawai Purapura, Albany
Week 1:
How To Remain Peaceful 
We know that the mind creates stress, but how can you work with a mind that catastrophises, worries and makes you not feel great about yourself?

This week we will explore how you can bring yourself to a peaceful place on a daily basis.  We will dive deeper into awareness & mindful observation.

We will also explore the process of meditation in more detail. 
Week 2:
Mindfulness in Relationships
Relationships can be so challenging. We get triggered by the people around us, & we also make assumptions that are often based on misperception.

This week we will explore relationships from a mindful perspective. Harmonise your relationships.
Week 3: 
Embodied Presence
The key to peace & calm is learning to be in your body fully. When you are 'embodied' you can release stress and manage your emotions. You can make more effective decisions.

This week we will explore what it really means to be embodied. We will also explore effective breathing.
Week 4: Compassion & Non Judgement
We spend a lot of time either resisting ourselves and or others.

Developing self-compassion and compassion for others is fundamental for a happy & peaceful life.

Life is about relationships and the most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves. We will go deep into this in week 4. 
When You Sign Up For This Course, You Will Receive...
  • 4 Classes: Each class is 1 hour & 10 minutes long
  • Online Resources Page: With meditations, articles & videos of interest
  • Access: to Teagan's support throughout the course

  •  Deepen: your mindfulness practice
  •  Reactivate: Your practice (for those who have let your practice slip)
  • Establish: Daily practice
  •  Harmonise: Your relationship with yourself and others
  •  Manage: Stress, your thoughts and emotions
  •  Learn: How to use your mind as a powerful tool
  •  Understand: Yourself better

Why Study With Teagan?
Teagan has 19 years experience practicing & teaching Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation. She is also a Clinical Hypnotherapist & an Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT) and has a deep understanding of the mind and human behaviour.

As a teacher she is warm & compassionate and creates a safe space for her students to be authentic and real about their challenges.
She inspires deep change.

Above all, Teagan walks her talk.

What Others Have To Say...
"I have just completed Teagan’s Mindfulness 2 course, and absolutely loved it! The course was so well thought out and delivered in such a beautiful and relatable way. Teagan has a wonderful approach and her passion for helping others is clear in everything she does' – Jess M

“This course was so inspiring. I learnt so much about myself and I love my practice even more. Thank you Teagan, you are an amazing teacher!”- Jacky White

” I am way more aware of what is going on. I’ve really enjoyed the whole course. Thank you so much”- Lorraine McCauley

“This has been one of the most significant things I have done for myself. You equipped us with tools to deal with life completely differently. I want to keep going. Thank you!” Mary Sabine

“This course has helped me to slow down. I’ve learnt about self-care and self-love. I feel calmer on the inside.” Jennifer Benson

“I’ve really enjoyed the group. Im much more aware. I loved the course.” Ben McCormack

"Since doing the second course I've been meditating most days and am also trying to be in my heart space. I got to know some of the fellow students a bit more and subsequently met some lovely people. As an analytical person, I love all the background information as to how the mind works as this theory helps me make sense of it all. The meditations were brilliant and I found the mix of theory and practical to be a great balance.You're an amazing teacher with a wonderful sense of humour that makes learning interesting and fun. Thanks for being awesome!" Allison Barratt

"I really enjoyed the course and it has brought positive changes in my life. It met my expectations." Farisha Patel

The Details...
4 Tuesdays 22 Jan-12 Feb 2019
Time: 7.30- 8.40pm

Kawai Purapura
14 Mills Lane, Albany

Cost $99.00
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